CEPT University (CEPT)

CEPT University sponsored by Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology Trust (1994) has been established by an Act of Gujarat  State Legislature in 2005. Its constituent School of Architecture was established in 1962, followed by School of Planning (1972), School of Building Science and Technology (1982) and the School of Interior Design (1991). Since its inception, CEPT University has operated as an autonomous academic institution. CEPT University uses its education and research programmes to highlight awareness of the challenges arising from the multi-dimensional issues raised by contemporary society. Its focus on the professional nature of the disciplines it teaches, particularly those dealing with human habitation and the built form, means that a number of experts from industry and the professions are regularly asked to teach at the university. One of its key missions is to become a resource centre for state, industry, society and the professions by developing databases and reference materials as well as offering training programmes, educational courses and consultancy services.




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