UMac (Macau)


As the first and last European colony in Asia, the city of Macau has served for half a millennia as a modern gateway between the East and the West. In 2005 many historic buildings and structures in the Macau city center were collectively designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, making Macau an ideal laboratory for the study of colonial urban heritage. The University of Macau is the leading university, and the only public comprehensive university, in Macau. The Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities is the largest faculty in UM and offers undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in the following departments and programs: Sociology, Economics, Communication, Government and Public Administration, English, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, History, and Psychology. The faculty is also home to research centers focusing on Macau Studies, Luso-Asian Studies, and the Humanities and Social Sciences in contemporary China.  Selected staff across various departments in the faculty engage in research projects concerning Macau history and culture and the city's contemporary development, as well as urban heritage issues in Macau, China, and Southeast Asia.

As per the UKNA Partnership Agreement, secondments to the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at UMAc are not eligible for UKNA funding.  However, research activities involving UMac are encouraged through other forms of external financing.  

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