J. Paragas Lambino

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The characteristics and locality of nomadic living in a metropolis: The case of street dwellers of Metro Manila, the Philippines

The paper re-examines the concept of locality for the homeless by looking at the street dwellers of Metro Manila, the Philippines. Here, the paper utilizes Okada’s (2005) ideas that see locality being the territory for human living, and Lambino’s (2016) ideas on locality and fundamental living patterns. While sedentary living became the norm in the last 12,000 years or after the agricultural revolution, mobile living was the norm for the human species for ninety percent of its natural history. Under this backdrop, the paper has two objectives.

One: To look at the concept and reality of “home” and “locality” for street dwellers.

Two: To look at the characteristics of a nomadic living pattern in an urban environment.

My research interest lies in examining the temporal and spatial dynamics of political economy transformations. I am doing research on the political economy mechanisms of human mobility, and regional unevenness of economic development.

I was born in Pangasinan, in a fishing region in the north of Philippines. I have spent around 20 years of my academic life in Kyoto, Japan. Even after all these years, I still find the place stimulating and inspiring for intellectual and personal growth.


Kyoto Tachibana University